Why Local Flowers?

It is sad fact that we import approximately 80% of the cut flowers we see here in the good ole' USA. By importing them, we have compromised the freshness of the flowers and have instead settled for flowers that have been cut weeks before they reach your home. Often, they have been drenched with chemicals to make it here without fading.  Local flowers are truly fresh, often cut the same day that you see them. They last longer, smell better and they contribute to our local economy.  We are affiliated with the following organizations that support local growers:


certified SC grown

The Certified South Carolina program is an exciting cooperative effort with farmers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and the South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) to brand and promote South Carolina products. When consumers can easily identify, find and buy South Carolina products, they are taking home fresher, tastier foods and supporting local farmers.


Assciation of specialty cut flower growers

The ASCFG was created to educate, unite, and support commercial cut flower growers. It does this by providing production and marketing information; connecting members through events and communications; supporting floriculture research; and encouraging the purchase and use of locally grown flowers by the public. Its mission is to help growers produce high-quality floral material, and to foster and promote the local availability of that product.

CollectivePicture (3).JPG.png

Floret farmer-florist collective

The flower farms, florists and farmer-florists listed here are all part of the global seasonal flower movement. This special Collective is committed to growing, buying and promoting local flowers. This is a great place to find local flowers world-wide.