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You’re trying to mark a special event, express your thanks, or brighten up your home or office

We’ve all felt the excitement of receiving a beautiful bunch and the thrill of giving them to someone else. Sharing flowers can create a warm connection and a cozy environment. We want these feelings to last as long as possible…

We were in search of a way to share something really special with our friends and loved ones:

  • Unique varieties that you don’t see every day

  • Perhaps even varieties that have been forgotten, that evoke memories of loved ones who have passed

  • Something to reflect how notable our connections really are or how cheerful our home can be

  • Something more than just a passing thought

In 2017, the Purple Tuteur Farm was born.

  • It is our mission to make the natural beauty of long lasting specialty fresh flowers available to you. 

  • We are honored to have the opportunity to make it happen and happy to serve you.

  • Our sustainable growing practices also make these flowers a healthy choice.

Want fresh flowers delivered to your door?


About Your Farmer

Influenced by my grandmother, who grew roses, I have had a life-long love of flowers. Flowers can nurture our spirit and calm our minds with their incredible beauty, contributing to aspects of our good health.

As I grew, so did my interest in growing. I enjoyed working in our home garden with my father. In college, I studied botany and horticulture, among other things.


In 2006, I became a Master Gardener, continuing to expand my knowledge and relishing being part of a community of avid growers.

That was also the year when my mother passed away and I began this journey in earnest. Honoring the memory of my family through this mission gives me great joy. I remain connected to them while making others smile through the beauty of fresh flowers.

What is a Tuteur? A tuteur is a freestanding trellis and it is used to save room in a garden.

By serving as a frame for plants to grow up instead of sprawling on the ground, more can be grown in the same space.

There are two tuteurs in the front beds at the farm. They were created and installed by Jenks Farmer.