So Long Spring!

The recent weather shifts certainly have brought changes to the garden.  No rain for weeks including three days of 100 degree heat, followed by 5 days of rain. And it is only June!

The spring flowers die out as the heat comes on, so ours were quick to fade under these weather conditions. Each year we try something new and this year we tried one called Basket Flower.   

Basket flower (Centaurea americana), native to the United States, is an annual in the same family as Bachelor Buttons. Seeds were sown in the fall and overwintered in the garden.  The first bloom did not show until late May, much later than Bachelor Buttons.  The stems are 4 ft tall, and some growers had them even taller. They grow in full sun/partial shade. The flowers are 2-3” across. They make a lovely cut flower, with a 4 – 5 day vase life.  In the garden, they would do well at the back of the border. Bees love them, so planting them will also help the ecosystem.  Give it a try!

 We hope your summer is getting off to a good start,